Sort of 2 Terminal Airport

Please see my sort of 2 terminal airport.

We have a shared drop off area and plaza with coffee shop between for waiting passengers.

Don’t have a huge amount of delays, main delays are due to planes unable to push back as an aircraft coming from the other side of the field.

I have already shown off T1 in my BHX post, so this is to show off T2 and the surrounding areas.

Over view

Drop off area with short term parking

Plaza between terminals

Inside the terminal, check in area and baggage claim is pretty standard

Security with tables to sort out belongings, which leads into shops

Staff areas, we have staff room with kitchen and coffee facilities.

Crew room, for briefings before flight.

Offices for the CEO and some of the board (Sorry HR Director)

Champagne bar, with kitchen area and staff breakout area.

Shop, using the food room counters, and stockroom with breakout area

And Finally VIP lounge for the premium passengers, featuring welcome desk, posh toilets, kitchen self serve area, and shelving for newspapers and magazines.


Nice build

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Love the details

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Very nice details :smiley:

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I love your short term parking creativity! :smile:


Awesome build!!!

I promise we’ll deliver a proper short term parking not too far from now… :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe we also need to fix the bus stops @Olof
Having to make those weird shapes to prevent busses from stacking and blocking is hurting my eyes :cry:


Well if you have another idea in mind then shoot! :slight_smile:

Make them a 4*4 block with 2 pass through lanes. Then they never block traffic.



AMEN! :heart_eyes:

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Your attention to detail is awesome. Why are you not using jetways?

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No real reason, just figured it was a single story terminal so jetways wouldn’t look real.