Something big for tests? Welcome to MOW

Do you know that there are 9 non-working days in Russia from 1st Jun to 9th? We have some time to play :slight_smile:
Do you want something really big to test you PC and game? Welcome to Moscow airport hub.
Here we are.


  • This is test save. All zones enabled here. This is not officially supported yet.
  • Funds was edited prior building. Initial funds: 250.000.000
  • This save (with 10k passengers) loads about 35 minutes on Intel Core i7-7700HQ notebook with 16GB ram and Nvidia GTX 1060 (Dell 7577)
  • Do not try to play on 3x
  • Constructed in 24.2-1


  • 12 small commercial stands
  • 40 small general aviation stands
  • 90 medium commercial stands
  • 10k passengers online. This is not maximum. Only 1 flight per stand was scheduled for test.
  • 20 medium runways (800m) (10 landing/10 departure)
  • 30 medium security checkpoints
  • 32 security exits
  • 6 cargo active cargo bays
  • 6 Baggage claim areas
  • 84 Check-in desks
  • 13 BUS Stops

Things to do:

  • Remake shops and food areas.
    • 4 zones exists, but should be changed in place with nearest baggage claim area
    • Place 2+2 food/shops zones between other baggage claim areas (white places)
    • Place 1+1 food/shop zone for 1 star companies in the middle of each wing
  • Make more toilets:
    • Toilets should exist in the middle and at the end of each wing
  • Make more staff rooms:
    • Staff rooms should exist in the middle and at the end of each wing. Allowed types: ALL, except board and secuity
    • Staff rooms should be placed in all other existing baggage service buildings. Walls already build. Allowed types: Security, Ramp agents
  • Place gate seating in two right wings.
  • Place some car drop-offs

Some screenshots:

10k passengers:

Loading log:

3 FPS to play on 1x:

Links to save files on dropbox:

P.S. this is not copy of any real exist airport. This is just one big airport.


Hi @Olof
i think you will be interested in things that can make such designs much easier to build and more realistic. I am sure that many of same ideas already placed somewhere, but who knows :slight_smile:

What game features will make this design much better and much easier to construct something similar:

  • Roads and contractors:
    • One way roads and one way service roads
    • Contractor offload site and loading site should be enabled on service routes
    • Roads and service roads that should be build underground and under foundation.
  • Taxiway nodes and runways:
    • One way taxiway nodes
    • Commercial/General aviation taxiways only
    • Taxiway nodes and runways count should be limited by ATCT types and count
    • Runway landing/departure route selection (workaround exist, but must be menu enabled)
    • We should have option to restrict flight in non-scheduled time. Currently they are just goes out after 1 AM.
  • Baggage:
    • We should have some switch to restrict staff to leave working place before other shift arrives. (Ramp agents on baggage claims, security agents on security check-ins and scanner type 3.
    • Conveyor belts two levels crossing. Like tilt tray, but without management.
  • Policy switchers we need:
    • Wait/do not wait passengers boarding if somebody missed on time
    • Wait/do not wait baggage unloading if ramp agents not available (with penalty)
    • Wait/do not wait baggage loading if ramp agents not available (with penalty)
    • Pushback car arrival time. (We should be able to order arrival before everything other finished)
    • We should have policy to allow landing without free stand. Corresponding plane should wait on special taxiway zone or special wait stands.
  • Interface:
    • On delay messages we should have another two buttons: locate aircraft and stats. Stats should show same as stand stats + next flight arrival time. We cannot decide can we delay or not without this info.
    • We should have trash all button in mail.
    • Sometimes when you click at any menu it closes everything menus.

What lags and bugs can you find inside this save:

  • When you place schedule for all 90 flights at once some of them will be scrolled while you are scrolling. Interface problem only.
  • Staff and passengers do not use optimal routes. They can really use one of the right security check-in with scheduled flight at the left one wing. This causing delays on staff and passengers moving, even if staff amount surplus.
  • Scanner type 3 should have switch to pass or fail all baggage when no security guy working on it.
  • Tilt trays should work faster then fast conveyor belts.
  • For some reason there are no requests for baggage loading in gates D-G and corresponding small gates. Chech-in desks connected to baggage bays (checked). Baggage unloading works well.
  • Passengers arrive much faster then leave airport. When no flight exist we need almost 12 game hours so all passengers leave airport. This is in case of 10k. If we will schedule all flights and get around 50k passengers they will not leave airport for several days. I plan to test it in next few days. Not sure that 16GB ram will be enough for this.
  • Passengers should leave bus queue if they need to WC or to eat something or shopping and use corresponding zones. This is some income for CEO, and more realistic.

haha, very nice experience, well done! :+1::+1::facepunch::facepunch:
but my 8GB laptop is dead with this save file hahaha :sunglasses:
15mins load time & <1fps

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I hope developers will look at this.
At current situation with so low performance there is big question about game future.

I’m sure they will, they’re good like that :wink: I wouldn’t go so far to say as there being a big question about the game’s future, but you raise many excellent points, and I have no doubt that many people would love to build airports of this size as well.

I definitely think an airport of this size does make the realism issues clearer though, particularly having 20 runways for an airport is totally out of the ball park in terms of realism.

Yep 20 runways is not realism at all. But currently we have several problems with runway:

  • GA vs Regular flights management absent now
  • Cannot schedule runways for departure/arrive during hours schedule. Only completely for whole day.
  • Cannot calculate time of route from runway to terminal in anyway. And this time is not realistic. For example in current airport plane will go from landing to some gateways over 2 hours.