Somebody forgot to upgrade: Flights delayed, cancelled by GPS rollover

That’s a dumb mistake to make… Forgetting to update the software…

Lol, its the most common problem with most globally operating companies, the throughput time for a software update (testing, proving, getting permissions from system owners, find qualified personal, fly in qualified personal, distributing patches, updating local units), takes ages.

Btw, most problem on private computers are also related to software updates. Same with phones. There is pictures on the internet were android/iphone users did not reboot a phone for years, and lacked lots of security updates.

My mom had the best explanation for update delays; I dont understand what the pop-up means, and I put the PC/phone on for a reason, so, now is not the time.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome aboard KLM flight 2956 To Bogota. Our flight time will be -20 years…