Some thoughts about franchises

I generally understand the point on having better franchises when your airport advances on its rating.
What’s the point on not having 1, 2 or 3 star franchises when you reach the 5 star airport rating? It feels limiting for a couple of reasons :

  • You can still make business with lower star airlines
  • You cannot offer services on small terminals and/or with low traffic

Out of 10 franchises, 5 are profitable, the other ones struggle, and I need to renew contracts constantly. I still have 1 star franchise that is still open, and it serves a small spot perfectly. But I can’t offer new small franchises in a small terminal.

Is this an intended behaviour or a bug?

Another topic that I find irritating, is that some franchises don’t have staff arriving on time … they can arrive at 9-10 or even 11am, thus loosing a lot of sales, and then not reaching their target. This doesn’t happen with all of them though… only with some of them.

Also, on food franchises, it would be nice to have a unique touch, as shops do, as merchandise is different from a franchises to another …

Thanks for reading :wink:

For me, it would be logical, to unlock higher star Franchises, based on PAX volume, since you wont serve enough people from the offered franchises when having low-traffic numbers. Now you are renewing forever and mostly have them up to compensate running loan costs.

the issue with this approach is that your volume of PAX may not be distributed evenly across different terminals or different areas inside the terminal.
It would make sense to put low-star franchises in low-traffic areas and high-star franchises in high-traffic areas

I think it should be based on type of passenger. Low cost airlines, cheaper places to eat and buy, or less options. Higher service airlines, higher demands for variety and service, thus higher start establishments

There is also real issues with pathfinding distribution. Can have two next door to each other but one game tile distance can be decider between hundreds of passengers queueing to one throughout the day and the other getting no business :frowning:

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