Some problems from me (constantly updated)

Hello. My name is Vladimir. Russian. I am an engineer of civil aviation. :airplane: I really liked this game. I really hope that the developers will not stop developing the game.
Now I’m studying mod manager and have already given out a few of my companies and liveries. It is very interesting!
I have a lot of questions. Here are the main questions.

  1. Great problems with contracts. Probably, the timer of their occurrence is broken. Sometimes it happens that there is not a single contract! Because of this, I have problems with testing my mod. I press F10 and “regen contracts”, but nothing happens. Sometimes I reboot the game to make them appear.

  2. Sometimes I can not sign a contract. The button is not pressed. (i have money!)
    не могу подписать контракт
  3. Oo, these lazy loaders (Ramp Agent)… What’s happening???
    I have only 5 parking lots and 2 Cago Bay. I have 40 Ramp Agents!!! But there is still no one in the parking lots. Either 2 Ramp Agents run from one parking lot to another. This leads to a delay in the flight…
    Of course there are a lot of bugs. At the moment I wrote only those that make me very angry :rage:

    I really hope for help and I wish the developers a lot of strength and … money

a) is your airport open?
b) is your security open?
c) is your runway open and set to accept commercial airplanes?
d) is your stand open and set to accept commercial airplanes?
e) are your runway and stands in healty condition?

  • press the DOWN button on your keyboard to find the button.
  • check Operations menu and the subtab STAFF, it will likely tell there is more ramp staff requested by the engine as you have available on the airport.
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For your ramp agent problem, have you tried enabling “Ramp Agent Service Round”?

  1. yes, yes,yes,yes.
  2. I did not lose the button. it just does not click. (DOWN button - it scroll screen)
  3. did not understand what they are talking about…
    What should I see there? :frowning_face:

Or I did not understand it, or you read it inattentively.
sometimes (!) only 2 or 4 loaders work. at other parking lots are trucks and waiting upload. If it were not included, then no one would work

i think jasper is referring to the job list on tab 3, to see if you have enough staff. Right hand side menu towards the bottom, one will be a job list option.

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I wrote about it! I have a lot of staff. more than necessary.

Can you resend the screenshots with zones enabled?

Edit: For the button pressing, what is your screen resolution and aspect ratio?

of course. for you upload on Imgur

Scren Rez: 1900*900 window mode.
I repeat: I can not press “sign” rarely. it usually works

And of course I forgot to say about the problems with the fonts!

I can announce that this has finally been fixed and will be included in the next hotfix. :slight_smile:


Ohhh great :smiley: this bug has been annoying me since closed alpha tests.

yey! Russian “Спасибо”)
I was tortured by hand to rename everything :crazy_face:

Not Russian characters but your example would be read as “Piešťany Airport”. That is the best we can do with the current data.

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on the third day all flights were detained. no one can fly
only reboot solves this problem

I rebooted game and all the staff disappeared!!!

again broke. Trucks can not leave the garage. On a circle go.

Have you tried placing double roads (like normal) in front of the depot?

thanks for the advice. did. but nothing has changed.

and so does not help either
sometimes the truck leaves. but this happens very rarely. then he returns and again rolls around.

Could you send a zoomed out screenshot of your entire airport please?