Some flights don't get passengers

For some of my flights there are no passengers arriving on the airport. This looks to be random for most stands.
The stands on my “C terminal” don’t get passengers at all, I can’t figure out why.

Stands are all connected to baggage bay and to security.

Anyone with an idea?

Maybe your C-Terminal is not connected to any bus stops, drop-offs or Subway Stations?

Otherwise reload the game, a lot of bugs fix themselves by doing so.

I’ve noticed I have to add more bus and subways as you get higher PAX numbers. I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me. Build some more and see if that helps.

I’ve also had flights where the passengers don’t board, I don’t even see any of my checkin desks mentioning a check-in time for those flights, yet the flights say ‘boarding complete 0/109’ (or another number than 109, depending on flight.). Maybe the game can’t handle if airport is too big? i have 36 medium stands, 12 small stands for commercial, and 30 small stands for GA flights. I’ve also noticed i can’t scroll in the process monitor.

I completely deleted all the stands who had this problem. Now it works fine again. I have no clue what happened!

Send in the original save-game to @Olof