Some Arriving passengers not leaving

I am having an issue where arriving passengers deplane and all go to baggage claim to sit and wait (even if they don’t have any checked bags). Once the bags arrive at baggage claim, most passengers go to the carousel and pick up their bags or, if they didn’t have bags they still go to the carousel but then will leave. However, a few passengers from each flight stay seated and never leave. They just stay overnight and into the next day. They build up from each flight until there is no seating available for any new passengers. I can fix this by saving and reloading the game, which gets all the passengers to leave, but the same problem keeps happening with the next flights to arrive.

Does anyone else have this problem/have a solution so I don’t have to save and reload every few minutes? Thanks!!

Yeah, did report this with a bug report already.

Please post your bug report here too for easy reference.

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This seems buggy to me. It shouldn’t be happening at such a rate that you have to restart after every few times. Maybe slow it down to a few stands open and ensure that the luggage is arriving appropriately and then slowly turn more on. This can very well be a design flaw. God knows I’ve done my share. Do you have a screen shot with arrows on of the baggage claim?

I’d be happy to take a look at a report! :slight_smile:

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