[SOLVED] Why are service vehicle parking spots even a thing?

Remote stands are a great addition to the game but there’s something bothering me: the service vehicles and their parking spots.

In the image below, you can see a service vehicle perfectly parked close to it’s assigned stand. The problem is, the ramp agent isn’t smart enough to cross the road on it’s own and (probably) needs a crosswalk to reach their destination. Here’s the next problem: you can’t place crosswalks over the roads that are connected to the stand.

Now here’s the thing, all of this would be solved if the service vehicle could just park withing the white squares on the stand itself. The busses for passengers don’t need a parking spot either. They just drive to the (in this case) left side of the aircraft. So why can’t service vehicles do this? Also, why are service vehicle parking spots ‘required’? I could understand why they are useful on stand that are far away, but my remote stands are within walking distance so it’s not that useful in my case.

Looks like you misunderstood the use of service car stops. They are only meant for ramp agents to enter the service car, to take them to the stand. Afterwards, ramp agents get picked up from the stand, to be brought back to the service car stop.

Regarding crosswalks, they are made automatically on a stand, as long as it’s not a remote stand.

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So I should create some sort of a ‘service vehicle pick-up’ location near the terminal? (If that’s the case I’m completely retarted lol)

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Yeah, these service car stops have to be next to the terminal. :smile:

Thanks for your answer. I’ll delete the topic so other’s won’t be confused by my stupidity

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