[Solved] Wheel puncture not solving

how to i solve the wheel puncture emergency as i have hangers and it says unspecified assistance required and i can’t figure out how to solve it.

never mind it was taking a while to go to a hanger

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So, issue solved?? The airplane has to park at a stand first. :wink:

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no it was parked for like 3 hours at the stand despite a hanger being available and I had previously had one just stay at the stand and run out of time

What size plane was this? Because medium and Large planes need pushback and all planes need baggage services.

both were a ga it (the one which ran out of times) probably was because the hangers may have been full (i can’t remember)

Make sure your hangars are set to GA not commercial! :wink:

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enough where for ga but now you say it what probably happened was that the ones for ga was full and i didn’t notice the spare one was for airlines and when one went it moved into that space