[SOLVED] ULD Baggage

ULD containers won’t unload correctly. The first 2 containers move from the aircraft onto the belt loader correctly but then never transfer to the baggage truck. The process then gets stuck. This causes the turnaround process to stall (no baggage loading, no boarding and no departure),this then causes delays which leads to a reduction in airline satisfaction and the money earned from the turnaround. Ultimately an aircraft will only leave when when I manually dismiss the aircraft via the button on the panel for the stand.
Closing the stand and reopening it does not solve the problem, saving and reloading doesn’t solve it either. Never had this problem before the beta release ( Currently on the experimental beta 3, never played the first 2 beta releases or alpha 36)

Reported as ACEO–37060

What current version you are playing on?

Experimental branch (Beta 3)

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Are all necessary ramp agents on the stand as well?

Are ramp agents required for ULD loading? They do only the inspection round on large planes.

I see the same issue with the ULD’s… And there is no ramp agent at all on the stand, have more than enough ramp agents hired… The ULD’s come out of the plane, stay on the belt loader for a couple of seconds and then disappear.

Are ramp agents required for ULD loading?

Don’t know for sure, can’t check at the moment :smile_cat:

Yes plenty. It’s odd, I’m basically in the same situation (doing the same stuff, same number of ramp agents, vehicles available) as I was the last time I played before Beta 3 (A35), but now the ULD unloading won’t work.

There are a few fixes out right now for ULD related stuff on beta 3.2-3, does this bug still happen on this version?

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Unfortunately it’s not resolved, I’ve resubmitted it (ACEO-37122)

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Thank you, it’s on my radar.

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