[Solved] Stand not connected to a runway

How can I connect the stands to a runway?

I have two runways, one for take-off only and the other for landing only.
But stands A1 A2 A3 are not connected to the take-off runway. What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean with “not connected”? As far as I can see in the picture, everything seems to be correct. Did you get any error notification or anything? Please show if so.

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however this is my save file. I’ve been trying to figure out where the error is for a week:


And the screenshot you asked me (all three stands are set up the same)

Can you click on one of the small stands and send a screenshot?

EDIT: Change the game language to english. I speak spanish and I understand some italian, but you need to send the screenshots in english so other people can help you as well.

It says connected to runway (pista - connesso). Are planes landing and taking off normally?

Only connected to runway ONLY ARRIVAL. When flights have to take off, the game tells me “no runway found”

Ok, I’m going to load your save and investigate.

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Thanks for your help

I can’t check the save for a few more hours, but try setting the departure runway’s entrances to bidirectional (if they are one way).

I know this will work
But my intent is to have a runway for landing and one for take-off
In the way suggested by you, the planes only go to the one above …

As soon as I loaded your save and clicked the take off runway, voilá, all stands perfectly connected. Don’t know what your issue was :woman_shrugging:

I also played a little and planes are landing and taking off normally.


I hadn’t closed the game for a week
Restarting it actually works!

A week? I think you should seek professional help :rofl:


I left the game open (as well as the PC) … it is obvious that I do not play continuously for a while

I know, I was just kidding.

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And they would still use them as set - one for departures, another for arrivals, just exits on the departure runway would be set 2-way. Doing something like this solved a few problems for me in the past and planes were still using the 2-way exit/entrance just for entering the runway when it was placed at its beginning (in direction of arrows).

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