[SOLVED] Some staff aren't moving/going to their shifts

I just built a brand new airport in the latest experimental branch and just I scheduled the first flights and hired the passenger service agents, ramp agents, and executive officers. Once all of them got off the bus, they didn’t go anywhere, they simply stand in place with a red (what looks like a) security icon above their heads. The security staff is at the station and the secure zones and secure exits are all set up correctly, I double checked.

Then, once they have a shift to attend to, they go to the postion, even if it is post-security, but if they are idling, they just stand outside of security, esp. the executive officers, they just stand outside with a secuirty icon above their heads and aren’t going to the staff room. I would appreciate if someone would explain what I could do to fix this.

Did you already schedule any flights?

All the other staff (except of janitors and security staff) will go to their workplace if needed.

So if no flights are schedueled, no work has to be done…

btw: I would recommend smaller, but more staff rooms in different zones and corners of your airport

I just updated the post at 5:31 PM EST, sorry about that… So, the staff are actually going to their places, but only if they have a shift there. I thought if they were idle, they would just stand in the staff room… Is the issue that the staff room is post-security?

just edited my post, about staff rooms… :wink:

I’m not sure, but I think staff is idling around anywhere, as long as they don’t need to rest or have a break. for break, they need staff room, for rest a chair/bench/sofa…

To make staff more efficient, I’m having staff rooms everywhere in my airport.

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Ugh, I just found the issue… :expressionless:

I didn’t zone a secure zone in the staff room doorway… (You can see it right in the middle of the screenshot.


An advice for the future: that red balloon at their heads on your pic shows what they want to do but cant. In this case the balloon has a security checkpoint in it wich means they have no security checkpoint connection to their destination.


This happens often when buildings are changed.
Zones get deleted too often and sometimes not enough.
This part of zoning and (de-)constructing should be re-thinked and re-designed. When you place a door, the security zone should not be deleted. When you remove a desk (e.g. boarding desk), the staff zone where the stand was should be removed.
Maybe it’s not that easy as “never remove secure zone” but it depends on the context what and where something is removed.


Just a tip. Build a smaller staff room near the gates on the right hand side. As it stands now, your staff would take a while to reach the desks on the right hand side. Building another staff room would help reduce this. :slight_smile:

How about “if object to be demolished has staff zone attached to it, the zone must be removed as well”? I think this should cover it.
Although, it is easier said than done. :laughing:

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