[Solved] Small Stands not boarding

People can’t board my flight. Why is this?

(Yes, I’m aware that my plane is broken, I’ll fix that later)

Where’s your passenger agent? i see nobody operating the desk

They all went through the boarding desk and then they just stood there. Im assuming he left after checking their boarding passes. Ill go check my game to make sure though.

Can you share the flight progress monitor screen please?

maybe because the Q400 is broken and in pieces :rofl: but on a serious note. yeah lets see the flight progress monitor. press G to bring that up.

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On an unrelated note , how can the airplane be repared? Thx

That’s a broken mod file. It’s I think a ATR as well not the Q400. To repair that, it would need the updated ACEO Mod Manager resource which I do think I fixed quite a while ago now with @EG0611 help.

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When I reloaded the game it fixed itself. Now everything is running smoothly, I don’t know what caused it…

This looks like the infamous berry aviation bug