[Solved] Service round


I am stuck with remote stands. I can’t get service rounds to work. I have more than enough ramp agents they just go to the stand then don’t do anything. Sat there for hours with them not doing anything. Even when I close a stand the ramp agents stop there. I also get an error saying staff can’t leave the secure zone

Any ideas

Welcome to the community @Soundiesam

I would recommend placing this page into Support.

Hello and welcome to the forums. Are you able to share more screenshots please with zones enabled. Would be good to see the whole airport.

In your service agent lounge, why is the secure area split? Also, Ramp Agents need to pass security to go airside. I think that might be why things are not working for you.

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I’ve done this and I’m now going to try it


This solved it thanks @Rubble


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