[Solved] Security can't find its way

So my security can’t find its wat to the checkpoint. I’m trying out remote stands and my security checkpoints in the main terminal wouldn’t reach the remote stands so I made a small terminal with only a checkpoint and the security can’t get to it, I have a sidewalk going to the small terminal its also zoned as safe, still, they won’t go.

It cannot work because you have a public sidewalk (where the passengers arrive), then a secure to the front of the building, but inside behind the door it’s public again.
No person can cross the border between public and secure without a security checkpoint at the border (and the other way: No person can leave a secure area without secure exit).

Make door inside terminal secure zone and paint the entrance with staff zone. This way it will be secure and staff only so your ramp agents go rampage :grinning:

So how do I get the security people from the entrance (where they arrive) to the smaller terminal?

I also got rid of the sidewalk, I’ll be getting rid of the zone soon, I made the smaller terminal near the ATC tower Staff/Safe zone.

If you really want to have security in the small building, you need a public way to that building (instead of the current secure way). And of course an accessible public entrance, because currently it’s blocked by the secure bus stop.
Another option would be not to have separate security in the small building, but just have a way from the secure area of the main building towards the small building. Then the way as well as the small building would have to be secure (and you don’t need additional security in the small building).

Ok, I’m trying to make remote stands and the security at the main terminal doesn’t connect to the remote stands so it wont let me load passagers.

^sorry forget the photo

If the security in the main terminal doesn’t connect it’s because theres some interruption in the secure area. For the game it doesn’t matter how far away the security is, you just have to make sure that the secure zone is completely connected.

In the last screenshot, did you already connect one of the remote stands with the bus stop at your main terminal, with the service car next to it and also the boarding desk with the bus stop?

Yup, I did.

Here you see three red lines what has to be connected:

You don’t need the service car stops next to the remote stands, just at the terminal building (and reachable by ramp agents through secure zone).

Edit: In your previous screenshots I can see that the service car stop is not accessible, because the thin dark linke between terminal and service car stop is not secure.

I’m sorry I’m an idiot, I think it works now?

Yes, but you shouldn’t connect the boarding desk with the bus stop so far away. That will cause lots of trouble and delays. The bus stop should always be close to the boarding desk.

Alright, like this?

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Yes, exactly. That way boarding will work well.

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Ok, I have another problem though… All of these people are stuck for now, what can I do to move them so they can get on their flight?

Seems they’re looking for a secure exit. They would need a secure way to the main terminal (to enter the secure zone of the main terminal where they can leave).
What might also work (didn’t try myself yet) is destroying the bus stop where they’re currently standing - that will suddenly bring them into public area - and then just build a sidewalk to the front entrance of your main terminal.

Ok, I have to wait till this flight leaves.

Hey, the flight left and I got rid of the bus stop and the people just despawned.