[SOLVED] Sandbox Mode not working anymore in saved airport?

Hello. Recently on the Steam Discussion Forums, I saw someone saying Sandbox Mode wasn’t working anymore for them. I tested this on my airport with Sandbox Mode on, and now Sandbox isn’t working anymore for me either. I suspect an update broke it. (I’m not on the Experimental Branch)

Basically, the money used to never go down, etc. Normal Sandbox Mode functions. Now, for some reason money does get affected by the hourly income while it used to never be affected? The one other Sandbox function still working is everything being researched by default.

I don’t understand why the unlimited money stopped working. Turning on “Full Sandbox” in the Debug Menu doesn’t do anything either. Please don’t tell me I need to build a whole new airport… :expressionless:


I don’t get sandbox mode really. Even starting at Medium (i.e. 1,000,000) my current design now stands at 10 Mil plus. I spent two mil on a redesign taking me from five mil down to three mil. Started on medium level (1 mil) I’m still better off.

I want to re-design again… Do I start anew back at one or two mll or use the 10 mil plus in my account to do what ever I want four or eight fold?

Not saying there is not a place for sand box mode, but right now, building something profitable would give you the same effect… unless you’ve unlocked all the tiles and want a mega build?


I’d never be able to play the normal mode, even starting at Easy. The airport that was in sandbox mode usually only got green hourly income when passengers came out of planes, planes pushing back, and planes taking off. All the other times really, i’ve never gotten green hourly income.

This is why I play Sandbox Mode. I seem to be unable to make a profitable airport, and Sandbox makes you not worry about money with unlimited.

The only issue is that Sandbox doesn’t work anymore…

I just use the F9 function and type motherlode vs doing sandbox mode if i want a massive build but then want normal economy.

My typical build…

grass runway, and six or seven GA stands. Connect them up. I put them out of the way at the top of the area. I usually end up with about 12 GA stands up there after a few years.

You can fuel them or not. I’m not doing so.

This will give you a steady income to build from.

Build separate landing and departing runways to the GA stuff you have elsewhere. They will just keep you a nice income with nothing to worry about. (mostly).

Make a small check in area, security zone and two small commercial stands. Take a few contracts when you’ve got that built. Even from the two mil, you should have spent no more than about 800K.

From those two small stands, when the books seem to be a little more balanced, build a couple of medium stands (one is feasible but impracticable) and take a bigger contract. From there, the money will soon start to roll in. Don’t worry about baggage for now, or service round. Get comfortable building this type of airport first.

Shout me if you need more…

That should give you a good start to building a profitable airport.

Getting positive hourly income does not come straight away. Even with what I’ve described you’ll not make a lot of money, but you will make some, which drive further developments, which will deliver lots of positive income, eventually.

Even now, after seven years of game time, my airport always start off with at least negative 2k of income every hour.

pretty sure this is how it is supposed to work. it allows you to spend money you don’t have i.e. money in the red still buy stuff.

I just tested sandbox mode, the money does indeed go down, but I can still buy,build and hire.(Even though I have -10 mil)So,as long as the game doesnt suddenly stop and say “You have gone bankrupt”.
I don`t see a problem.

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Weird. The money in Sandbox Mode for me used to never change…