[Solved] Ramp Agents cant reach baggage bay (Please Help)

Please help me i did everything i think i can , i cant get them to go there.

Hello @Silkren, the issue is you did not zone the path from the security checkpoint to the baggage bay. It seems right in the main terminal, but you need to drag secure zone in all the area below (Blue):

I have done that and added staff zone with it but it still seems that it does not work

Actually it kind of works but now Aircrafts dont request baggage unloading

Zone the roads around the baggage bay as secure as well and you need to have baggage handling service enabled in the operations overview panel. You also need to connect check in desks, aircraft stands and baggage claim areas to the baggage bay and also connect the check in desks to the baggage bay with belts and connect the baggage bay to the baggage claim area with belts. Lastly you also need to purchase baggage trucks to take baggage to and from the aircraft. If you have done all of this then you should be able to handle baggage. See WISDOMTREE’s guide here: Steam Community :: Guide :: Baggage for Beginners

I never do this and it works fine…

Everything else, yep! Thats what you need to do :grinning:

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I guess I just do it so it’s easier for ramp agents to access the baggage bays especially now that they have to be in a secure zone but good to know that you don’t need to do that.

Actually that’s another point to add @Silkren you also need ramp agents in order to handle baggage but seeing as your original question was about them getting to the baggage bay I assume that you already have them.

Okay , Thank you guys for great help! It now works (:slight_smile:

What solved it though?

I had not put security zone , your reply fixed it


Ok, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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