[Solved] Ramp Agents / Baggage Handlers

Soooooo, I’m running around 2500PAX with 19 stands. Mostly mediums.

I’ve so many Ramp Agents I cannot count.

Here’s a suggestion @Olof and @Fredrik, I don’t know if it has been mentioned before. A new class of employee. Ramp Agent and Baggage Handlers, or are they one in the same?

Ramp Agent deals with the aircraft turn round
Baggage Handlers deal with loading bags from the check in desk and put them on to trailers

Then we need to split them in game???

Would baggage handlers get paid as much as ramp agents???

Hence why I asked what I thought was a sane question…

there do get the same paid almost
there is 3 levels of paid on the ramp (team leaders with push the a/c which get more paid more , RS1 head set man which get less then TL and ramp agent which is the basic man loading and unloading bags from the aircraft
baggage handlers get the same the same paid as ramp agent

Thank you Stephen.

Then more ramp agents it is. WOW, they are the biggest requirement in an airport then? To be hopes when the personality requirements come in there are a lot more potential applications…

Mods, may as well close this one. Questions answered.

We really need a dashboard with the current minimal demand, and current hired staff on ramp agents, then we can decide to hire more or less. Now I think of it, a min/max field in employee zones per field would be nice too.

I disagree a little with the current minimal demand, IF it’s unlocked by default. It should come as we bring more people into the board (ideally, COO).

As requested by OP :slight_smile: