[SOLVED] Pushback problems

things are going well for me in airport ceo however for some reason, planes dont push back even though i have pushback trucks. also they have completed all the other jobs and then i always have to push back myself by clicking dismiss aircraft. how do I fix this?

They may be waiting for an aircraft to arrive at the stand to the right, that’s the only thing I could think of.

i dont really think so because it doesnt really make a difference if the small aircraft is there or not. it is also a recurring problem and i think it is to do with the pushback trucks

there you go i fixed the problem, you need the right pushback trucks for the right planes. small pushforce pushbcak trucks are for medium sized planes and i was using large pushforce pushback trucks for a medium sized plane in which apparently you cant do that.

Oh, ok… At least you don’t have to sell them when you upgrade to large aircraft! :smile:

@Olof, you may close the topic, problem has been solved.

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