[Solved] PAX not checking in for large A380 flights

Further to: ACEO-19755

PAX don’t check in when over or around 500 expected for a flight. They turn up at the airport, some staff go to check in desks but then they leave after a few minutes, and all the PAX leave the airport again.

I don’t have experimental turned on, and in this airport i only had one stand going, and was using Maple as the carrier.

Also you guys are doing a great job and i love the game. Really looking forward to the future updates you have planned :+1::+1:

PAX turning up:

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And with no monitor:

This one has the passenger agents closing and walking away from the desks, no PAX checked in:

And the PAX leaving:

With the plane, and monitor showing PAX boarded:

And now showing everything complete and departing:

Also shows the flight prior and the inbound one are working correctly.

Sorry for the multiple posts, can’t post multiple pics in one post as I’m too fresh :slight_smile:

Don’t have a solution for your Problem but there seems to be nearly no space where your PAX can leave the Checkin Desk Area

Devs are aware of this and they are investigating this :slight_smile:

Opened the other 2 stands, had 2 A380 flights land at the same time, each with 380-400 PAX, both flights had all PAX check-in and pass thru security. Same airport, same amount of staff etc.

The airport has the capacity to handle over 700 PAX check in at once.

Hello, can you switch over to the experimental branch and see if you’re having the same issue there? Alpha 33.7-2 both has new path finding load tech and a check-in desk allocation system overhaul which could both relate to your issue.

@Olof @Fredrik I reported this before with report number or 19069 or 19070.
Passengers are just not showing up for the A380. I don’t know if other large planes has the same issue but only spotted this problem with the A380. The issue is not fixed in the newest version.

Same in my case, in new version it also doesn’t work.

Hello, and thank-you for looking in to this :slight_smile:

I have switched to experimental, and reloaded steam to make sure, and am running version 33.7-3
Unfortunately i am having the same issue.

For reference of volume capacity for PAX, here are a couple more screen shots.
Again - same airport, and same number of staff. Yes I run flights at 100% capacity.

This showing 798 PAX checking in for 2 different A380 flights at once, and working:

Here we have 1 flight with 511 PAX, check-in closes again and PAX leave:

And lastly showing the next A380 inbound with 464 PAX starting the check-in process:

Please let me know if you would like any other screen shots :slight_smile:


Something seem to be off yes, will take a look at the save. :slight_smile:


@Olof @Fredrik I reported this before with report number or 19069 or 19070.
Passengers are just not showing up at the airport sometimes for large planes like the A380. The issue is not fixed in the newest version.

Are you sure you are on today’s newest experimental version? It’s 33.7-47.
Finally it works! Thank you :smiley:


No, that is probably a different issue. But this patch should solve the check in at least.

I hope you can take a look into this.

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@Admigo, do you have enough public transit?

Yes i do. But no passenger is showing up at the airport if i check the flight monitor.