[SOLVED] Passengers do not leave airport


I just started building a new airport in the Alpha 35 experimental mode. Unfortunately, the passengers in my airport don’t want to leave and keep being stuck either in the toilet on the second floor or in front of the escalators. I believe that all zoning is correct and tried to reload several times but maybe I missed something! Would like to see your opinions about this problem!

I dont know how to help you with this, but please paint your floors or add some decoration, it looks awful like that

What it looks like to me is you don’t have immigration to get out of the international zone. Also, as @EvanTheCEO said, please add flooring and decoration. It hurts my eyes to look at something like this. #Pray4Passengers


@EvanTheCEO, it looks like that because Display Secure Zones is turned on.

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Thanks for your advice! It solved the problem! And now the point of decorating the airport is on the agenda ;)!

yeah like blackout said, no immigration to exit the international part of the terminal between gate and security exit.

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Glad to here it worked @ttpdevos! :slight_smile:

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