[SOLVED] Passengers Can't Check In

Hi Everyone, me again! Still working and improving my airport :slight_smile:

I have recently started to get quite a few “A passenger cannot check in” messages advising to make sure they can access the check-in desks across walls and zones.

I have a large open check-in area and I believe plenty of check-in desks. Everytime I click on the notification, it takes me to a check in desk which is staffed, with passengers in the queue, and it says “Resolved.”

Should I be worried about these? And if so - what should I be looking for? I do not see a shortage of either desks or Airport/Passenger Service agents (via the Operations tab).


I have a large open check-in area and I believe plenty of check-in desks.

Explain “plenty” to me :wink: Every medium stand needs at least 2 check in desks and every small stand needs at least 1.

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I have the same “issue” all the time. I have 5 medium stands opened at the moment an a total number of 20 - 30 check-in desks. As soon as I’m home I can send a screenshot of my terminal layout.

I said “plenty” because everytime I get the error message I have check-in desks which are unassigned to flights so I assumed they were plenty. :slight_smile:

I have 22 check-in desks connected to two baggage bays (11 each) which are connected to 10 medium stands (5 for each baggage bay).

I have 9 check-in desks connected to a third baggage bay for 12 small stands all connected to that third baggage bay. This was until just recently 9 check-in desks for 6 small stands. The other 6 just opened, and I was getting those error messages before they opened.

The check-in desks on the left are for my small stands. I am trying to add another one at the bottom (where the plant is). When I add the conveyer belt, it automatically joins with the conveyer belt for the stands on the right. This wasn’t a problem when I placed the original nine stands (done after the ones on the right). What am I doing wrong now? How do I prevent them all from connecting?

Can you share your progress monitor please?

Do you mean the Flight Monitor/Tracker? If not, what is the progress monitor?

What you get when you press “g” on the keyboard.

Thank you for that! I’ve never used that shortcut key before. Good to know!


So with looking at that, everyone seems to have checked in?

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Yes. And it seemed the same when I would check while getting those error messages. Was it just a bug? Was someone immediately able to check in after I got the message? They’d say “resolved” when I would click on them for more info. I really am not sure.

Yeah, I get that message too that someone cannot checkin then says resolved. As long as they are all green in the progress monitor then all is good.

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Thanks. I worried about it because all of a sudden my airline satisfaction dropped from green to 0%. I’ve been trying to rebuild it ever since. The only thing that changed was the addition of the third baggage bay which I moved my small stands to (which were originally just six open) and then I spread my 10 medium stands across the other two (five and five).

So I didn’t know if they were unhappy people couldn’t check in or what? Is there a way to see exactly what airlines are unsatisfied about? I wish there was if there isn’t!


As do I and quite a few others I know.


I have observed another posibility, but cannot confirm yet:
When pax arrive they sometimes want to do something else first: either go shopping or go to the restroom. If none are available i believe these messages pop up whan those who want to do that activity have their checkin process opened. But like i said: i can’t confirm this behavior yet it’s just a suspicion.

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Thanks, everyone. Any advice for my conveyer belt issue above as I work to add check-in desks for the small stands? I hope I’m not missing something simple!

There is a way to build convey belts directly side-by-side, but didn’t find posting, now.
Something like building one piece manually after the other, or so…

Nevertheless, I recommend to have one tile empty space between two belts, to avoid issues…

And I’m facing dozens of these fake-incident-reports, too. Mostly without consequences, but sometimes one or two pax get stuck at boarding desk and don’t check in.
Imho this happens only, when check-in desk’s queues are full. Building longer queues solves this issue - but leads to new ones…

Simplest thing there is to remove one of the parallel belts. You actually only need one belt for both sides of check-in desks.

Edit: if the reason for having independent belts for each side is you connect them to different baggage bays, you also don’t need two belts. Just use a tilt tray piece to sort the luggage once the belt goes under to the below floor.

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Thank you! They do go to two different baggage bays. I was not familiar with the tilt-tray and what it should be used for. This is great to learn so thanks again.

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