[SOLVED] Passangers dont arrive at the airport

passangers dont even show in the airport at all ! i have a big airport apr. 45 gates and everything was ok untill 2 days ago the stoped coming in the airport . there are not in bus metro cars or taxi ! i reset the game but nothing happend . i stopped all the fligthts , closed the airport cancelled the flights and then i reopened it and the same problem appeared !!! please help me . thank you

What are the deboarding passengers doing?

in the beggining they claimed the bagagge and left . but from yesterday planes come and leave empty !
im gona post a screen in a sec

What percentage ratio op passengers per flight do you have set in gameplay settings?

What if you open and close the airport?

The only way i can recreate this is by setting the passenger per flight ratio to 0, check what it is set at, be minimal 30 percent

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that was the problem . i might accidentaly put it in zero , i change it . everythinh is ok. thank you

No problem, i do believe @Olof should want to look at setting a minimal amount of passengers per flight as it can break the turnaround process to have 0 meals or 0 cleanings requested on a flight.

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