[SOLVED] One way taxi ways?

Hi all, I was searching the forum for info on one-way taxi ways as I am taking huge delays from aircraft only using one taxi way (despite a second one being available) around my terminal. The topic below alludes to one way taxi ways. How do I build these? I can’t find anything in airport infrastructure that gives me the ability to designate a taxi way as one way?

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Just click on a taxiway node, in the pop-up you can set one-way/two-way…

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Do you mean the green light/circle? When I click on them nothing pops up for me?

My game is just blocked by loading screen, but here is a screenshot from somebody else:

This green points can be clicked and pop-up should appear.

But you can just click onto any taxiway-line, normally you always hit one of these points, even if it’s not directly visible…

Thanks. I must be missing something - because absolutely nothing pops up when I click on one of the taxi way lines. I get a green square around the green light - but nothing else. :man_shrugging:

Try right clicking


I have a Mac. I’ve tried “right-clicking” with command and control like I normally would in other programs and nothing.

Anyone with a Mac know how to get one way taxi ways? Is there something I haven’t enabled in the game?

Are you clicking them on intersections or on straight pieces?

I’ve tried both. I don’t get anything but the green square around the taxiway light.

@Rubble pls tell us :slight_smile:

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Havent played for a few days but I too play on a mac albeit with a mouse. And the regular mouse right click worked for me in the past.

Is your taxiway made out of grass? I think it was only meant to work on asphalt and concrete. I’ll test that theory later today when i get home.

No. They are asphalt. :slight_smile:

Appreciate everyone trying to help. Both of my airports have ground to a halt as I’ve expanded them and now planes are just backed up everywhere. They all try to take one taxiway despite a parallel one being available. Haven’t been playing the game since its frustrating to just watch my ratings slip and the cash I’m earning slip, too. Would love to figure this feature out!

Okay, so I’ve just loaded up and right clicking I get the option to set directions. Are you able to share your airport?

Are you using a mouse or trackpad?

I use a trackpad on my MacBook Pro.

Just tried on my MBP using trackpad, two finger click makes it work for me.


THANK YOU!! This worked. I’m embarassed to say I’d never thought of the double finger click until this point. Now to head off and learn how to make one way taxi ways as efficient as possible! :rofl:


That’s why you’re the sensei for all mac users :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad this was solved, I am myself a frequent user of the double-finger click! :wink: