[Solved] No passangers on airport

I recently started new airport and built it just the way I build all other ones, but this time I have NO passangers on any airline.


test flights? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

All of them? for how long do test flights go on?

Can’t be though, It’s been like this for two (in-game) weeks. :smile:

Looks like a bug. Never had test flights.

what’s your ‘passengers per flight ratio’ in gameplay settings? With small flights this can generate empty flights easier than on medium flights.

Could be all kinds of issues:

Did you open the airport?
Do you have any public transport?
Is the public transport connected to the terminal by footpaths/road crossings/etc?

Could you also please hare some pictures of your terminal with zones (z-key) enabled?

It appears you have two severe notifications in the top left corner, do they say anything important?

Do you have passenger ratio set to 0 if yes then this is the issue, check it in game settings, and set to whatever you want 100% is as close as it gets to realistic passenger amounts… :wink:

Damn it. Yeah my passenger ratio was set to 2%, I must of done that when I last played - It has been few months and I forgot about it. I feel like an idiot right now. THANK YOU.


Thank you all for trying to find a solution to my dumb mistake. My airport is back to ‘functional’. The thread can be closed >_<

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lol seems like something i would do