[SOLVED] No Aircraft Engine Sounds?

Several months ago, I recall being able to hear each aircraft’s engine(s) as they landed, took off, or taxied, especially if I zoomed in on a specific aircraft. Now, all I have is a “generic” sound much like a busy street.
Have individual aircraft sounds been removed, or is it a bug? Are new ones being developed, and the “generic-busy” sound is just “filler?”

Just curious. Thanks!

Hmm, it should be the contrary. There are new, high definition aircraft sounds implemented into the game which should sound great. The actual sounding area distance is a bit too small though (meaning you have to zoom in a little too much to hear it) but it shouldn’t be completely quiet - no.


Thank you! I adjusted the sound settings on my Mobo, and viola! Sounds are separate, and distinct!


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I am glad the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Issue has been resolved


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