[SOLVED] NAN bug solution?

Hello guys,

What is the path for saved file and what should I modify in order to get rig of this error?

C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves\ [NAME OF SAVEFILE]
The file is gamedata.json search for ‘funds’ change the nan to a number.


weird, I don’t have the file location… my game is in Steam.

On the bottom of the screen next to the windows icon there is a search box (least there should be). Type in %appdata% and go to that folder. Should be where most steam games end up saving their data.

Appdata is a hidden folder, i often forget that when telling the locarion. Make sure you can see hidden folders

total failure to locate… hidden folders box checked… /sigh

Do you have an appdata folder? This should be for any pc.

I do, but it weirdly doesn’t show much… usually I can find all the stuff in the steam folder, but it’s just not making it all visible this time… I wonder if I ought ot just drop the coin to help them out and buy it directly. I don’t have an apoptosis folder at all…

My game is through steam too tough. Not sure why you can’t find it.

I do appreciate your efforts to try and help though. Just saying. Thank you.

I like to browse with Total Commander, then you can open your USER DIR PATH in the browser, and then write “CD APPDATA” in the bar to open the hidden folder.

With today’s update this bug suppose to be fixed.

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It is indeed.


Hurray :tada:

Issue has been resolved

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