[SOLVED] Love the game--question about stair trucks

Hey all,

I have been keeping an eye on this game for a while and finally bought it on Friday, and am loving it! I do have a question about stair trucks though. I keep having issues with some flights being delayed, and am getting a notification that one flight is ready to deboard but there is no stair truck. I had four available stair trucks that were just idling in the depot, so I assigned one to the stand. It’s there now, but no deboarding happening. Any ideas? Hopefully some helpful images: https://i.imgur.com/wWjbQUG.png

Actually, I just noticed that it’s saying the same flight can’t deboard and can’t land. Perhaps it’s been so delayed for several days that there are multiple flights with the same code? (I’ve been ignoring the error for a while.)

Thanks so much in advance!


Good observation. You might verify it in the flight plan and the progress screen.
If it turns out you were right, clear the stand. The plane will depart and the next arrive. If this is not the actual flight, you may have to repeat until the actual last flight is handled.
But before you do that, make sure you have solved the root problem, otherwise the flight will stuck again.
Not sure if there are small and large stair trucks, better check if that’s possible and you have purchased the matching size for this stand.


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@Titule’s explanation is very good. those are the same steps I would try, by clicking the manual departure button when you press on the gate you can dismiss the aircraft, and see if the problem repeats with the next flight.

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Seems to have worked–after dismissing the plane, the other one with the same flight number came in and deboarded just fine. Thanks!


Glad to hear it worked @RobRan! :star_struck: :ok_hand: :+1:


I am glad your problem have been resolved. :slight_smile:

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