[SOLVED] Is it a bug or my mistake? [Passengers Cannot Access to Toilets]

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I get messages every few seconds that a passenger can not find his way. Every time it is a male (no joke) who can’t find the toilets inside security area. The passenger ist always outside the security area. It may be a passenger just arrived, a passenger after or before visiting the check-in desk. Mostly he stands in front or inside the landside male-toilet room, sometimes in front or n the queue of the security entrance.

It’s an savegame from build 30 and the problems began with the first load of the savegame with build 31.

In both builds passengers never use the toilets inside the security area, whether males or females. The problem now I’ve got only with the two male toilets.

The toilet rooms in the screenshot are 4 rooms and 4 areas, the both at the top for males, the other for woman.

Make the toilets on secure side also secure zoned.

Yes, and don’t forget the space where the doors are.

@dewitjur, @Titule: great, it works. Thank you, both! :grinning:

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I am glad the problem has been solved :slight_smile:

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