[SOLVED] International flights

How do I set a medium gate to handle international rather than domestic flights? I’ve drawn the zones, built the boarding desk, but now I get a message telling me that I can’t attach an International zone boarding desk to a non-international stand. What am I missing?

Do you have realistic international stands thing on in Gameplay Settings?

No, I’m using the default settings.

You would need to switch it on to activate it. It is only recommended for experienced CEO’s

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I thought that medium stands had a choice between domestic and international on the default settings, not just with realistic international stands enabled

Using default mode international flights are exclusive to large stands.

I agree that is rather confusing the “realistic” mode should be the default.

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Making large stands international and all other stands domestic by default was conscious decision from the developers. The problem here originates in the player being able to choose where to place his airports, but this location could be a country with only one airport. Therefor a new player choosing to build in such a country would be forced to immediately build an international zone.

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Must have misread that somewhere. Thanks.

… which requires two different types of tutorial tracks which can get really, really tricky and confusing. A perfect explanation Ruben! :slight_smile:

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