[Solved] I need help!

Hello, I am new to this game. Just started playing yesterday, I need help to continue the tutorial, so the game told me to drop that aircraft timetable stuff but I need my security gate to be connected to a stand, weirdly enough. The security checkpoint told me I havent operated it yet, but theres a officer INSIDE the checkpoint, can somebody help?

Hi, could you post the screenshot with the zoning on?

The placement of security exits seems incorrect, this may cause some zoning-related issues. Enable zones and take a look at the layout.

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That’s not how security station and secure exit works. Take a look at in game tutorial or look at some gameplay videos on youtube.

Heres the pic with the zones

It’s strongly incorrect. Security zone could take the upper half of your terminal and both - checks and exits should cross the zone border - checks should allow to enter from normal zone to secure zone whereas exit (1 is enough) is for arrivals to leave the security zone.

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Also for efficiency purposes when you’re airport gets large I usually put a single small checkpoint for employees only so they don’t get caught up with the passengers. I make my large/medium gates passengers only once I place the small one to make sure my employee use the small one

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Alright, anyone have a picture example for it? I appreciate all of you guys opinion or helps, thanks

Here is one I just started with an example

show how the small stand is setup for employee only

medium pass only

I haven’t even hired staff yet or put in check-in desks but this is the primary setup I start with.

You will eventually want to put washrooms in the secure and international zones as well and staff rooms so they don’t have to go out and back in to use them

That is correct now

Ty … Lol

The “tunnels” are exits. The red zoning needs to connect from your security checkpoint to the gate. Remove the exits tunnels as they won’t work in that location. Place an exit"tunnel" going from the red zoned area to no zoned area. This will let people exit the secure area.

Massive thank you to everyone who helped me, finally I solved and figure it out now, so the exit needs to connect to the outside zone, while people also can enter the secure zone, just like the vehicle checkpoint :slight_smile: