[Solved] How do International Zones Actually Work?

Since international zones were added to the game, I have simply been putting them straight after security without any passport control and it’s worked fine. However, I only just noticed that only 4 of my 18 stands can actually take international flights. So how do I make all my stands international?

Also, do I need passport control after security, if so, how do you make it work? I tried adding it, however, the passengers couldn’t work out a path through it.

For the pax to be able to go from secure zone to secure international (and vice versa), they need to pass through passport control.

I think only medium stands have the option of domestic/international flight, while large stands are by default international-only. For the medium stands, if you want them to be international, then you need to connect them to a boarding desk that’s in secure international zone.

I have my passport control going into the airport set up like this, but it can’t find a path.

Large stands also take both international and domestic flights.

Passport control has to be for both incoming and outgoing.

I have it for incoming working fine, just outgoing has problems.

Can you show the airport with zones please as well.

There is a merge bug, under the passport checks for a while already (also with stairs).

Redraw the international zone under the objects after building them.

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Image of security and passport control. Top passport control is incoming. Bottom with security is outgoing.

Image of large stand in international zone which accepts international flights.

Image of same international zone, saying there are no outgoing passport control desks.

Image of a different large stand in an international zone only taking domestic flights.

I tried this (Can be seen in the screenshot I just posted) But it still doesn’t work.

You seem to be missing some passport control?

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 17.02.29

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You can see the international count is zero on your international zoning.`

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If you look at the first screenshot, it’s there.

It’s hard to tell with the colours, but are they in the international zone?

The Passport Desks now register as part of the outgoing desks. But a path for passengers can’t be found still.


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Where is your passport zone check that goes from International to Secure?

It’s the otherside of the wall, it works fine with passengers going through it and isn’t a problem. It acts as one zone.

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Try a save and reload now it seems to be connected.

It works now. Turns out the path finding tool doesn’t work when going through things like security or passport control.


You might want to send it in as a bug report then.