[SOLVED] GPUs labelling

Not sure if this is the right category for nitpicking…
there is a GPU on my stand and it’s labelled “APU”!

get my money back…

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Bought at Kwik-E-Market. No refunds.

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It is actually suppose to be a air condition unit so the label should probably read ACU if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for pointing it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aaah! I was also wondering why the cable is so big…

Employees are not allowed to bring their own device.

Fixed, I seriously thought it was APU, or at least my file is called APU :slight_smile:


That looks very nice!
And we can only see it from top? Or will we ever be able to see our airports from the side?

I know…and why is @Jettuh creating 3D views then?



I also use 3d on some aspect of the plane builds as well. Sometimes it’s just easier todo it in 3d and then a flat projection of it. As mentioned shadows is indeed one very good reason.

The label has been fixed as of the -6 update! :slight_smile:

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Since the problem has been solved I am closing down the topic.

Topic has been LOCKED

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