[Solved] - Got a huge bugged world

I’ve had a good game going on until the overflow of planes was very awful and a huge traffic jam was made… I canceled all the flights for a day and put on a second runway, set it to departure only, and set the first runway to arrival only, which seemed to solve the issue. The problem now is that I have a bunch of passengers just sitting around and airport staff doing nothing. Janitors are not doing anything, even if I hire new ones. Airport staff is just randomly sitting at check-in desks for a flight that doesn’t exist. The passengers that are doing nothing have their boarding passes to a flight… that doesn’t exist (probably the canceled flights). This is all causing delays because there is no airport staff to check in the passengers, the airport staff is occupied doing nothing, including newly hired ones.

Is this world completely gone now? It’s a shame because I killed a bunch of time on it…

Have you tried to dismiss the flights manually and then close the stand to clear the flights in the schedular.

Untick auto schedule

open each stand one at a time to see how each stand is doing.

It may help to post pictures of your job tasks tab and I find the keyboard key G helps to see where the problem is.

I’d love to take a look at this save, we have a few issues planned for problems like these and this seems like a good test world to work on. Do you have a bug report number for me?

Bug report number? Pardon me, is there a place to submit bugs?

Here is a link to the save : cpt – Google Drive

P.S. any way to fix this issue?

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EDIT: I launched this world today, this is now all suddenly fixed, maybe it’s because of the 29.12-1 update? Yesterday I reloaded it a bunch of times, seems to be working perfectly now!


Uhm… not sure… I can’t recall we’ve made any explicit changes to these types of systems but its possible… nowadays it’s very common that we have one little bug in a certain part of a system and it drastically affects the entire simulation engine. Although I guess that’s at least realistic since you’d probably have the same issues IRL…

Oh well, glad it was fixed! Do open another thread again if something similar breaks! :slight_smile: