[SOLVED] First time utilizing baggage in an airport and it isn't working :/

I have two issues:

  1. The ramp workers can’t pass security to get to the baggage bay when there’s a clear unobstructed path to it.
  2. No one is going to man the manual bag scanner which is underground (along with all the other baggage scanning equipment).

The second issue is easy to fix; I can just send stuff right to the bag destroyer after being detected by the contraband detectors instead of having to go through the manual scanner THEN destroyer.

The first issue, however, is REALLY irritating me. There is a clear, unobstructed path to the four fully-staffed medium security stands. After security, there is a staff restricted door going outside to the service roads, stands, etc. which is where the baggage bay is located. However, my ramp agents don’t see this for some reason and complain there isn’t a way to pass through security. I even have the baggage bay and the underground baggage scanning area (and the elevator to it) zoned as secure. I have no clue as to why they won’t pass through security.

Here is what should be happening:

Here are my zones:

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  1. you need a cross walk and a sidewalk to the baggage bay for the ramp agents to get to the baggage bays and then zone it secure if its after the security checkpoints.

  2. you also need a cross walk and side walk to the elevator to the baggage scanning and zone it either secure if after security checkpoint or just staff and no secure if before security checkpoint

only contracts can walk anywhere. Staff need a sidewalk and crosswalk to cross grass and roads.



Thanks for the quick response! Even when I placed sidewalks they still wouldn’t go past security so I moved the door to before security. The ramp agents now walk to the baggage bay and the manual scanner is now being manned. Once again, thanks. :slight_smile:

I swear, I have problems with the simplest things…


If you put crosswalks and sidewalks after the security, you also need to mark these crosswalks sidewalks as secure / in the same security zone as connected by them places for them being actually usable, too.


You need a crosswalk and sidewalks to get from the exit door to the baggage bay. The ramp agents cannot cross roads without crosswalks and they don’t walk along roads either. You’ll need a crosswalk outside the door, a sidewalk to the baggage bay and a crosswalk from it to the baggage bay. Then it shoudl work. Make sure the crosswalks and sidewalk are all zoned secure.

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