[Solved] Emergeny Planes cant find Hanger

I am playing on the Alpha default; and I got my first two ermengecies, which require a hangar. I have bulid two of them, but the planes don´t like them :confused:
Now they are blocking my gates, which will end up in a very bad chaos. Any chance to solve the Problem?


Can you siwtch over to beta and see if the issue is persistent there?

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Hi Olof,
thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, I did switch over to Beta, but unfortunatly the bug stays. This airport was created before the Emergency Update was done, might this break things?

ACEO-33514 is the bug report I´ve send.


Did you make the hangers for commercial?

Nice hint, but yes it it switch to commercial. I think for Medium/Large Hangars you can´t even change this settings, as there are only small GAs.

Issue solved!

After I lead the game run for some time, the planes were able to find the hangars. I am sure the problem was, that the road wasn´t contructed. Since this was done, first one and later on (after more road was constructed) the second one was used, too.

Indeed, that was pretty confusing, as the Hangar said it was operational earlier in the same way, as it does now. So probably no bug, but pretty bad user feedback I guess :thinking: :confused:
Hope there will be some improvements later on :smirk: :smiley:

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