[SOLVED] DLC no longer showing up. [Steam version]

Greetings, everyone. I’ve encountered a bizarre problem: my DLC is no longer showing up. Everything was working fine yesterday, but this morning I have noticed that anything DLC related is no longer showing up. The Helicopter DLC stands don’t show in the menu selection and helicopters show as being black with a question mark. I also noticed that some planes also show up as black with question marks. Please refer to attached screenshot at the bottom of this post.

I’ve verified file integrity twice, that did not change anything. I’ve tried loading an earlier save, that also did not change anything. It really is quite weird (and annoying since I cannot play the game properly with stuff missing) and I could not find any answers online regarding this.

I’d try actually closing steam completely, you can do this by going to steam > exit (I think), or on windows going to the bottom bar > the little up arrow on the right > right click on steam icon > close. This’ll reset steam, though restarting your computer does the same thing. Then just reopen steam and try again, see if that helps.

… oh you gotta be kidding me. That actually worked. Sonofab-, I never even thought to try that.

Thank you very much for the suggestion!

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