[SOLVED] Dangerous baggage onloaded


I am getting quite frequently the warning ‘Dangerous baggage onloaded’.

I fully implemented all scanners as on the picture below. So I have no clue how to get this solved or where the security breach is located.

Does someone know how to proceed to get it solved?

First thing, you don’t need tilt trays when baggage belts meet.

Main Issue:

  1. Are you able to show your baggage layout below the floor?
  2. How well are your staff trained?

Hey @Scottie ,

Thank you for your reply!

All staff is trained to the max. The only issue with security staff is that at three luggage belts there are next to the operating agent, security agents who do not seem to find the exit. The operating agents do find the exit and thus are changing shifts and are well rested. So, I am not sure that this is the cause.

Overview South Terminal with 3 bugged staff and staff elevator:

On the underneath pictures you see how my scanner system works. It is the same layout for all twelve bays.

level -1, right underneath scanners:

Level -2:

Overview North-Terminal and -1:

I hope that my layout is kind of clear from the pictures :wink: !

Thanks for your help!

Re-route the baggage from the tier 3 manual scanner back round to the start of the scanners and ensure your security staff are fully trained. This should stop dangerous bags from being loaded onto aircraft. See original post here:



Never seen dangerous baggage loaded to aircraft. Some bags go around few times and gets rejected by various tier 2 scanners and eventually either get cleared or destroyed. Most of the bags rejected first actually end up being passed and loaded into aircraft. Either there is a big bug in the scanning AI or there is a mechanism of false positives, but this seems to work. And there isn’t too many incorrectly destroyed bags either.

In the Beta 1 released thread post 360 & 375 from @Pasi

Okay, thanks for letting me know! I will try that!

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Awesome! :smile: @Tomkuehne let me know if it works!

So far I did not get the ‘Dangerous baggage’ message again :slight_smile: . So, it’s a perfect solution!
Thanks very much!


No worries! :smiley:

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So in this pic, if the bags get past the 5 scanners looking for specific ‘banned’ contents, they are definitely safe to load on the planes?

If a bag passes through the tier I scanned or all of the tier II scanners then it is classed as safe to be loaded onto the aircraft however when I was playing last night I got a lot of ‘dangerous baggage loaded onto aircraft’ incidents and my baggage setup was correct. I even made the baggage go though a second set of scanners to pick up any the first set missed and still got the dangerous baggage onto aircraft, this might be a bug. When I play later I’m hoping that the restart of the game will solve the issue.

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I too was having illegal cargo get through the tier II scanners. Turned out I had 2 of 1 of the type II scanners, and a type missing. Fixing that sems to have fixed the issue.

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