[SOLVED] Commercial aircraft engines on when parked

This has been bothering -annoying- me since day 1;

Can you please have the aircraft engines turned off when they are parked? The GA aircraft do this, but the commercial do not and it’s making me deaf. :slight_smile:

At my current airport I have 7 medium stands, they are all filled, and parked, undergoing turnaround, but the engines are all on. It really is deafening.

Thanks for reading.


that sounds like a bug? AFAIK the engines turn off (the sound) when at the gate in game?

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What he may be referring is the sound of the APU’s that the game simulates as always on and the sound is similar to the engine since it works kind of the same way. It’s not a bug, and should not be removed of the game (ony if they implement ground power units and ground A/C units). If it’s making you deaf zoom out, you can only hear it in the game if you are really close.

Actually I am always zoomed out, and still hear it on commercial jet aircraft, not the commercial props. When I scroll to the GA area, I only hear the aircraft when they are taxiing.


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Sorry, but this is not a question you should ask on this topic.

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This has been fixed when the sound/music patch came out. Can lock this topic.