[Solved] Cannot modify Shop/Cafe after room has been created

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or poor feature design.

My problem seems simple but I cannot find a solution after much searching:

I zoned a Shop Room, assigned a Franchise (signed the contract). Everything is up and running well.

Now I want to resize the room to fit my new floor layout. There are 2 main issues:

  1. I cannot see a way of resizing an existing room zone.
  2. If I create another room zone, I cannot re-assign the contract to the new room.

The contract is still green and active on my contracts tab, but now I cannot use it anymore, and cannot assign it to another room.
I tried deleting the room, and re-creating it the size I wanted, which is still big enough to satisfy the contract requirements.

Am I missing something? I find it hard to believe that we cannot change a room size or location and keep the existing contract. I’m also not getting any new offers, so I don’t want to be forced to delete a good contract.

Any ideas?


The old contract goes to the bottom of the list. Also, make sure you are unpaused so it appears :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply humoresque… however this does not happen for me. The contract does not appear in the list. So I am unable to assign it to a different room.

I have restarted the game many times, tried different saves, and the game is unpaused for many hours, but I am not able to select a pre-existing contract.

PaperNews is the contract that I’m trying to change the room size for, but once I delete the room to recreate a different size, I can’t re-assign that contract to the new room. You can see here it’s not in my list…

Hmmm, try canceling it and trying to find it. Always cancel before trying again :slight_smile:

I fully agree that the fact that rooms can’t be readjusted after they’re placed is poor design and there’s no other explanation than the fact that rooms are part of some of the first code we wrote and thus inherently flawed by the inexperienced design choices we made at that point. Making changes to it now is simply not feasible as it would mean tearing up a fundamental core of the architecture, possibly causing a ripple effect in the code base. One of the “pleasures” of working with legacy systems…

As for the contract not regenerating, that sounds strange indeed as I’ve tried it here on my end just now and seems to work fine. You should be getting that same offer if you cancelled the contract and redid the room.


Wow, thanks Olof for that detailed reply. I’m happy to accept this is by design, and not something I was doing wrong or missing. I’m still enjoying the game a lot, and will work around the resize issue.

Regarding the contract re-appearing, I retested based on your information, and I do indeed get the contract offered again. I was deleting the room zone and expecting to be able to ‘re-select’ an existing signed contract. This was an error on my part.

Thanks again, consider this resolved! :smiley:

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