[Solved] Boarding stand reporting connected; stand says not connected

Hey all,

I am having a somewhat odd problem. I don’t know if I’m forgetting something really basic or what’s going on–if there’s a simple solution I’d love to hear it. I connected my boarding desk to a stand, and the boarding desk is reporting it’s connected; but the stand is saying it’s not connected. I have several other stands that are working, but all my new stands seem to not be working. What am I missing? (Note: am playing on the experimental version.)

Thanks in advance.!


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same for me! for me it’s the remotestands that don’t work

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I would recommend to check the zoning.

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Can you post a savegame?

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Sure thing–here is the save. Thanks!

EDIT: Very perplexing. I looked at your savegame. You’re properly zoned from the Security Checkpoint all the way to the Stand. I even changed a few of your other GA stands to Commercial, and the problem still existed. A definite bug.

Looks like you’re not the only person with this problem: Go to message 1174

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Thanks for taking a look, and for the link!

I have the same problem…with any type of stand and any type of desk.

already tested everything. don´t work at all.

Devs just made a hotfix. It works. However, you may have to turn off auto-scheduler, make the connection, then turn auto-scheduler back on.

copy. i was reading the post about it. hope this fix it for good. first time with the alpha and got that i was frustrated yesterday that i had to open a beer and went to bed to sleep.