[Solved] Boarding fails to start; Passengers and agents do not move to boarding desk

Hi! I’ve been having this same problem for a little while now. It’s rather bizarre.

I uninstalled the game completely, and deleted the folders in AppData/Roaming and LocalLow. Then I reinstalled the latest Experimental version.

Here is how I reproduce my problem, in steps:

  1. I start a new airport, located the center of the USA. Easy difficulty. Sandbox mode checked.
  2. I hit F10 and disable construction and material simulation.
  3. I build an ATC tower, a runway + runway exits, and a taxiway. I build 4 small stands. I connect them to the runway. I switch the stands to Commercial-flight mode. I open the airport.
  4. I build a terminal, zone half of it as secure, build security check and security exit. Make one landside staff room, one secure staff room. I build 4 check-in desks and 4 boarding desks (one of them being automated), and 1 large row of seats.
  5. I build some bus stops and connect the public road.
  6. I hire 6 passenger service agents and 6 security guards.
  7. I take a flight contract, and schedule a flight.

The test airport looks like this:

The passengers arrive, check in, and get through security fine. They sit down by the boarding desk. When boarding time comes, they don’t budge. The automated desk says “boarding started” but they don’t move. The flight keeps getting delayed until I hit “No” to dismiss it.

When I try a flight on a manned boarding desk, same thing. The passengers don’t budge. And neither do the passenger service agents!

I have ramp agent service, fueling service, and baggage service (and all others) disabled. I don’t see any errors in the console.

Bug was reported a while back as ACEO-32727, though I’m not confident it even is a bug.

What could possibly be going on here? :confused: At this point I feel like it must be me, missing something extremely obvious…

What is the happiness status of your staff?

Do they have toilets and vending machines.

No idea if has an effect, but who knows.

Is staff allowed to pass security?

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They don’t have toilets nor vending machines. But the fact that this happens with automated boarding desks makes me think it can’t be related to the staff happiness? (The passengers get through check-in just fine.)

The staff are allowed to pass through security (the Employees slider is enabled on the checkpoint)

Maybe you cannot have boarding, with automatic passage only?

This happens to me too… I’ve bug reported it. I literally have 4 flights sitting there waiting to board, but I check the jobs panel for passenger service agents and it’s says 0 jobs available and 0 jobs taken.


I am also having this issue. 5 stands, 5 flights occupying each stand, all bars for the passenger service agents are green, no one is occupying the check-in desk or boarding desk. They are being lazy and sitting in the staff room.


Kinda good to hear that others are having the same problem! I was getting increasingly worried that it was just me, lol.

Out of curiosity, do you guys experience this intermittently, or on every flight on every airport? Personally I haven’t been able to do any commercial flights at all since the Emergency update; every single airport I attempt to create (I’ve tried 2 or 3 times now, with the same series of steps as in OP, when an update comes out) has this issue.

Maybe you cannot have boarding, with automatic passage only?

I did consider that… but people have said that they’ve done all-automated airports in the past so I doubt that’s it. Also, with regards to the staff (who should be staffing the manned boarding desks) and their needs, they are freshly hired (literally like 3 hours before boarding) so I don’t think they’ve had time for their fatigue/hunger/restroom stats to decline at all.

What if that is true for Medium and Large stands only?

Also, can people post their bug-report ID’s about this? that is easier for the devs.

Hi all

just for testing, add a 4 spaces wide Door, had some issues with Door Sizes lately

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All the doors to my stands are the 4-space-wide ones.

What if that is true for Medium and Large stands only?

I did wonder about that. I’ll try this test later tonight with a Medium stand. Might take a while though… rather busy at the moment ):

My bug report # is ACEO-32727.

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Still no luck. Tried it with a Medium stand (though, no baggage service, no ramp agent round enabled). Built a bathroom for passengers+employees, forced the passenger service agents to cross security, ensured all their “status bars” were maxed out (energy, bathroom, training). Built couches and vending machines. Tried it with both automated and manned boarding desks.

Interestingly, there’s kinda two different modes of failure? When using a manned boarding desk, the boarding never actually starts (it stays red in the list). This is probably because the passenger service agent needs to be at the desk for boarding to officially begin. When using an automated boarding desk, the boarding starts (it turns yellow in the list, and pushback truck shows up), but the passengers don’t budge at all.

I suspect maybe this might be a pathing issue of some sort?? Maybe neither passenger service agents nor passengers can path to the desk; or maybe they’re just never actually sent to the desk? When I use the pathfinding test tool, I can path both passengers and employees to the tile in front of the boarding desk just fine. However, it won’t let me path them to the tile that is the boarding desk - not sure if this is intentional.

Or it could be because there’s no service round? A few weeks back someone had the same problem–I think somewhere along the way, service rounds (and thus ramp agents) were made compulsory for commercial flights. Perhaps try that?


They are compulsory for pre-flight checks, due to security checks for emergencies. They have to be cleared before they can be serviced.


This was it! THANK YOU, guys! I knew it would be something really simple haha. Just need to enable ramp agent service round.

@anish @KingGEAR perhaps this is your problem as well?

This should really be indicated in-game somehow, though. It’s not clear at all that ramp agent service needs to be enabled for a flight to proceed.

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I knew, because it is in the Tutorial. :smiley:

That tells you, it is needed to turnaround commercial flights.

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Oh my God. I feel so stupid now… Thanks so much!

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