[SOLVED] Big yellow fuel trucks Broken


I started playing this again after about 6 months, and started with my usual set up. A GA runway/stands/amenities to the south and a commercial runway/stand/amenities to the north. Normally this works, except this time the big yellow fuel trucks refuse to refuel the storage’s. Normally they would go to the correct fuel tank and be on their way, but they dont do that anymore. I have one Jet A1 truck driving around the GA area, and the Avgas truck drives to the Commercial area, the turns and leaves.

It is worth noting both fuel tanks are the new small ones.
Also, the airport trucks I buy are fine, just the off map refilling ones are broken

Any help is wanted, if anyone wants the save file just ask.

Hello, can you show us your airport layout?

Are the two areas connected by service roads? Currently the pathing system is unable to determine which of multiple separate road networks the fuel trucks should enter to get to the intended destination.

I raised this issue a couple months ago and by the sounds of it, they’re working on it: Fuel supply truck issues - #5 by Bobe

In the meantime, just make sure that if you have multiple vehicle checkpoints that everything is connected by service roads. It does make things a bit awkward in terms of your airport layout, but hopefully it’s just temporary.

This is true, but it is not just related to fuel trucks. It is related to all road vehicles that have to cross 2 checkpoints to get from A to B. When a task is between 2 secure road area’s, the path-finding is lost.

What I like for now, is build a service road on the complete edge of the airport, so all area’s are connected by 1 ring road.

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Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the reply’s. there are two different roads which arnt connected. IL try connecting then report back

EDIT: yet, that was it. sucks that i need a big windy service road, but that fixed it, thanks

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It is on the list for a change in the future.