[solved] Baggage Trucks not unloading

I have a problem with my Baggage Truck. I just upgraded to Beta 7.1.1, and since then, some of my Baggage Trucks are not finding their way to a Baggage Bay to unload the bags. They drive around a bit, and then park on the stand. This is the case with 2 of my 5 Baggage Bays, the rest works fine. The bags will be loaded on the aircraft just fine, but the next aircraft on the stand will not be offloaded, because there already is a Truck on the stand, but that one still has bags on it. I have seen this issue before on the forum, but no solutions in those topics

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Do you have a bug report number for me? :smiley:

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No sorry, havent noted it when I did it yesterday…

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Please do so when it happens again, I cannot do much else as I need to see and test your baggage bays placement and such.

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Now its ACEO-41451


Have you verified that the baggage claim in question can be reached from the stand using the vehicle path tool analyzer?

Edit: No I do see that something is not working correctly. Will fix it.

Issue has been fixed, will work in next experimental version.

Awesome, thanks!

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