(SOLVED)Baggage Trucks & Loaders stuck on my Small and Medium


I am having an issue with a bug. My Baggage Trucks, Baggage Loaders, and Pushback trucks are getting stuck on a small stand (Passenger Flights) and I’ve done everything to try to get my trucks working again I sold them, closed and opened baggage, restarted the game, and even restarted my computer nothing worked! I have reported it as a bug, but I haven’t gotten any response.

Can I get some help? I have worked hard on the airport and I don’t want to restart on another one!

Welcome :slight_smile:

I have some questions:

  • Do you talk from medium stands? Small stands do not need pusback trucks.
  • May can you share a screenshot?
  • When clicking on the stand, are the services all done or red?
  • Do you play on Experimental or on Default (Version number)
  • Do you remember the number of the bug report?
  1. The pushback truck got stuck cause it was going somewhere else (I think)
  2. Yes
  3. Let me check
  4. Default
  5. Nah fam

Here is a screenshot

Have you tried unblocking the road nodes on the f10 pannel?

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