[Solved] Baggage & Ramp Agent problem

New player here, had the game a few days and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen so far and 10/10 would recommenced to a friend! However, in this time I have had two saves and both have encountered the exact same problem. This being that when I progress to expanding the amount of stands I have to being remote, the baggage handlers/ramp agents don’t want to unload the bags off of the plane. I have have purchased new baggage cars to attempt to get the system working and it does not want to work. This is very frustrating as it has caused me to go into the negative balance as planes are stuck and constantly being late. Furthermore, at both baggage bays I have the bags seem to stack up more and more until nothing is happening, i.e no bags coming out at the baggage claim. I really want to keep playing this game, however it is frustrating when at the same points the same problem is occurring. I am not sure if this is a bug or is a mistake on my side. Hope you can clear this up for me!

I can only post one sceenshot, if you need any more ss of my airport let me know which ones!


What type of road is that?

Service Road

Do you have baggage trucks and baggage loaders?

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Yes multiple of each

Are stands connected to the baggage bay?

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Yes they are all connected

Did you activate the baggage handling in operations tab?

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Please check the following. Some have been mentionted by others already. :slight_smile:

Are your stands connected to the bagage bay?
Are your check-in desks connected to the bagage bay?
Is bagage handling enabled in the airport tab?
Do you have enough ramp agents?
Can your ramp agents reach the bagage bay?
Did you use the service road to connect the baggage bay?

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I can see that the security checkpoint is showing that it needs more security officers when there is enough. I believe it is the security checkpoint causing the issues.

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of the right size? Small/Big belt loader don’t load big resp. small planes.
I fell for that once

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I took a look at and it seems that you still need to add cross walks to 3 of your service car stands near the medium control tower and you also need to add security zones to the rest of the cross walks. Also check the doorways and make sure that the security zone is really there. I hope this helps.


Cheers for the advice, this did work :ok_hand: :+1:

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Sweet! Glad to be of service.

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