[Solved] Baggage loading never requested

None of my flights ever request that baggage be loaded. It was definitely working a few hours of playtime ago at this airport, but now it isn’t. Baggage unloading happens just fine. I have two baggage bays, one for each side of my airport. Half of my check-in desks and stands are connected to each bay, and each bay has its own baggage claim area. All check-in desks’ conveyors lead into a single scanning setup, then a tilt tray sends bags to the proper bay. This too was working correctly at one point. I remember watching the tilt tray split bags up as they came out of the scanning section.

Can you verify that baggage operations are still enabled in the operations overview panel?

It’s enabled. And baggage unloading is working totally fine. Bags get unloaded into the baggage bay, then they bet conveyor belted into the carousels in baggage claim and picked up. It’s just baggage loading that is never requested.

I’ve also got plenty of Ramp Agents and Baggage/Belt loader trucks

This happens to me as well. They unload all the bags from the planes but the baggage trucks just sit at the baggage bay and never load any bags on to the planes.

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Is there check in desks connected to the baggage bays @CarolinaPhoenix?

@Scottie yep, first picture I posted shows the bay connected to 8 check-in desks. The other baggage bay is connected to the other 8 check-in desks.

Never thought about looking at the pics. Now I’m not even sure why @CarolinaPhoenix.

The problem does not lie in your baggage system. All arived planes get thier baggage ofloaded and taken to the baggage claim area. Take a closer look at your flight monitor! No departing passangers have arrived at the airport, on one has checked in! Where are the bags supposed to come from? BTW no one has borded the First two planes either although they are marked as Green. The actual problem is the inefficacy of passanger arrival by the public transport and thier own cars at the airport. No departing passangers - no Check in, no departing bags!

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@LEI yep, that was it. I thought the subway stop was sufficient, but I added a bunch of bus and car stops and suddenly everyone started showing up and planes were requesting baggage loading again.

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Great work everyone! :sunglasses: :airplane:


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