{SOLVED} Baggage going to wrong Bay/Claim

Baggage going to wrong baggage bay via check-in and wrong baggage claim via baggage bay (seems to be the tilt trays)

Experiment Branch 32.12-1, MacOS

@Olof how can I get this bug report sent to you guys with the file too large (even when compressed?)

But baggage trucks are going to correct baggage bays and stands and when they go to pick up departing baggage, there aren’t any because they went to a different baggage bay.

I am 99% sure I have everything lined up correctly and have double and tipple checked everything, I even changed the line up a couple different ways to see if it helped. but it seems the tilt trays are not sending the correct direction.

I am focusing on these 4 baggage bays. The rest are doing similar things where they skip tilt tray turns to go to the correct location, and instead all go to the same location (usually the last one in the line of tilt trays)

I have tried to send a bug report but it won’t let me because the file is too large. How can I do this?

I have conveyers on 3 different levels so its hard to screen shot but I will try. Please let me know what I should do.

Baggage Bay to Baggage Claim set up


This is the only baggage bay that sends to the correct baggage claim, the 3 BBs above all go to the same baggage claim.

But they are connected to go to the 3 baggage claims to the right like this:

Here is my line up starting from the 4 baggage claims back to the for of 4 baggage bays:

The baggage follow the line up from the bottom, and continue to go up at the first tilt tray (the top baggage by should go to the right there) and then turn left and skip all the other tilt trays and all go to the last baggage claim on the top left.

A bit Closer:

These last two are turned 90 degrees to get in closer to the baggage bay line up

Check-in to Baggage bay set up:


Connections (ill show a couple…):

Line up:

They all seem to be going to this bottom left baggage bay instead of the row of 4 above it:

Should be going to this one and the 3 to the right of it:

Did you check the tilt tray settings (click on the tilt trays)? Routing should be set to “to destination”.

To report a bug manually, go to the ACEO Jira and click the “+” button on the left side.

I guess I won’t need a bug report but I did try that method,. it was still too large of a file when I compressed…

haha, I never knew you could right click the til trays, I have never had to do that before!!! Whats he difference between them?

destination (when do you use this one?)

the other ones (forward & right, left and right, forward and left) when do you use these?

I had to learn that you always use to destination because that’s the only setting working properly for routing.
The others will just send one bag the one way and the next bag the other way.
Recently I also had trouble when I built new tilt trays that they were all set to “none” which stopped any baggage on them.

Regarding bug report: My savegame is too big as well. First thing was to change from zip to rar which is much smaller (using WinRAR). Then I created two rar files, one for GameData.json and one for everything else.
And finally, after even the rar file of GameData.json got too big, I used the WinRAR funktion to split the archive into several files.

thanks for your assistance!! Good to know about the tilt trays needing direction instruction! I never new that and never had to use it before as it always worked. for some reason I think they are all now starting on “none” instead of destination.

Maybe the other ones (fwd right. fwd/ left, and left/right) are used if you want to split to go to two separate parallel scanning directions, but then the line joins again later. so it will split them later. YAY, this is so good to know. I was like, what the heck am I doing wrong???

And thanks for the help on the bug report, Im testing out the new tilt trays with directions included and will marked this solved if it works out good… and no bug report will be needed hopefully!

If your tilt trays are built with setting “none” as well, I think it should definitely be a bug report because I can’t imagine the devs want the tilt trays to be useless by default (@Olof maybe you could verify that default after building it should still be “to destination”?) . I didn’t report it because in my game I wasn’t sure afterwards whether it really was built like that or I did some mistake.

I had simplified my conveyers to all be more direct to each baggage bay and baggage claim, so now I can go back on make a more complex criss cross system that I had. woo hoo! thanks so much!

and yes, this was the first time Ive had this issue so maybe they are all set to “none” by default. interesting though

can you have a departure conveyer belt and arrival converter belt merge and split so you don’t have to have them cross on different floors? or do you have to keep departure and arrival baggage conveyer belts separate?

They can be mixed if the direction is the same, it works.

AWESOME!!! I was getting a headache trying to figure out my belt system last night, this makes things so much better!!! Thanks soooo mUCH!

one last question, I hope. do baggage security scanning have to be in secure zones, and even more do they have to be in secure zones connected to the secure zone of the gate/terminal zone they are going to (if you have multiple separate secure zones)? Or can they be in non-secure zones?

I just completely deleted my belt systems and am redesigning it now! so excited for this!

Connected to gate secure zone definitely no, I had it as a separate secure zone before.
Not sure whether it needs secure zone at all, never tried without.

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So much cleaner than trying to go up and down levels to cross each other. I hope this works. about to test it but looks so much more organized!!!


BTW @Gerwanese the Fwd/right, Fwd/left, and right/left tilt trays are for splitting to go to different scanning stations. I tried it out and it works. It splits the baggage 1 one way and 1 the other way so the same amount go to each station. Its works great for this purpose. Then the lines join back up and then I have “to destination” at the next tilt tray… Here is my example:

You can see after checking they join together, and then split at the first tilt tray (Left/Right) and then go through the scanning stations and then join back up and then “to destination” at the the next tilt trays after that.

Well, I never had the need for this. Even with >30 medium gates the scanners are fast enough to handle all luggage.

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