[Solved] Baggage Claim says not connected, but it works

I’ll create a bug report in game the next time I see it. Unless this is a known issue.

Is it connected to multiple loading bays? Then maybe only one bay is missing the connection and others are working?

Interesting, I have 2 placed in the world, each with their own baggage claim. this is the only baggage claim that is giving me an error sign.

Go back and check the belts. It happens to me a lot

Not the belts. It still works and there is a straight belt to the claim.

I had that too, the warning sign disappeared and re-appeared without any modifications, it just sowed up without any reason.
Baggage delivery worked anyway despite of it.
I had to re-construct the belt because of some issues with the belt orientation and that also solved this problem.
BTW: Why can’t we just have the belt orientation that we built, why does the program changes it? Totally unrealistic

Can you post a picture with the arrows turned on? I suspect not all belts within the claim are reachable from the baggage bay. It does check random nodes from time to time. It might be that it does it a bit too frequent, which is why you see it as disappearing and coming back.

i do bagage bays like this, you need to add tilt trays so the bagage can reach all the belts
like this:

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OOHHHHH!!! ok thanks so much all! The warning going away and coming back randomly is what was confusing… Thanks for the help!