[Solved] Baggage bays and baggage claim on different floors

I have baggage bays and baggage claim on different floors but do not know how to connect the two. Can it currently be done?

Use the convey up or down sections to connect through the floor.

Thanks Stu, I have already got conveyors connected using up & down but cannot get the Baggage Bay connection from the Baggage Bay Connection tab.

Oh right sorry.

Click on the baggage bay to get the window up and then use page up or down to move floors and then click on the baggage collection zone and it should connect

i thought the button to connect baggale bays and claims is on the claim’s menu, not the bay’s.

Thank you, you are of course correct and it is from the claims area that I have tried to connect but no go. S & R does not help so have reported it as a bug.

Problem solved; Highlight the baggage claim to get the baggage claim status window open, then change floors, the status window stays open, then connect the claim to the bay. Thanks to all who answered my original question.

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